Lord Taylor of Warwick's Podcast


Episode 6: My hero Martin Luther King had a Dream. I have a Plan! This is an extract of a speech I made in 2008 on what it means to be British. Although it was some time ago, the message still remains important 13 years on!

Episode 4: Today I discuss why there needs to be a partnership between government and Faith groups in tackling issues such as terrorism, migration, human rights, poverty, and equality.

Episode 2: I presented on the Radio, some of my favourite soul classics for listeners across the world!

Episode 5: Today, I discuss what it means to British. The issues raised in this speech are still relevant today. Martin Luther King made a similar speech about having a dream. But to have a dream, you must first have a plan!

Episode 3: Lord Taylor discusses what it means to be apart of the Commonwealth and what issues the UK needs to focus on to strengthen its ties with the Commonwealth Nations.

Episode 1: Lord Taylor presents on the Radio his favourite Summer Special Hits with Gordon Mac!