Lord Taylor of Warwick


“Strive to be not only the best in the world, but the best for the world.”

– Lord Taylor of Warwick

Warwick Leadership Academy

Lord Taylor of Warwick,
UK’s First Black University Chancellor

Lord Taylor of Warwick, former Chancellor of University of Bournemouth, founded Warwick Leadership Academy over two decades ago.

Lord Taylor and his staff for over two decades have been committed to providing young leaders an iconic opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

WLA (formerly WLF) recognizes the importance that a hands on tailored experience provides in uniquely fast-tracking careers.

The Academy has provided over 150 interns from over 50+ nations tools which permeate every area of life, be it business, politics, media and all social interaction.

As a former barrister, judge, businessman, media personality, and politician over 3 decades, Lord Taylor has many iconic years of experience and enjoys inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

The WLA caters to both young adults as well as established business people. It is well equipped to provide unique learning experiences for both groups.

Featured WLA Newsletters

Team Taylor

The WLA Newsletters have always been well received through the years by its international followers and supporters. Produced by Lord Taylor’s very own Taylor Team and chronicle the events and news that envelop the exciting and challenging lives of the WLA interns. Please feel free to explore a sampling of some of our past newsletters below.
Newsletters are being updated at this time.

Additional Videos

 Shortly before the European Referendum vote in June 2016, Lord Taylor was featured prominently on Fox TV News USA to explain the implications of Brexit.

Part 1/6. A snapshot of Lord Taylor’s working life. Lord John Taylor of Warwick initially practised as a barrister and a judge.

An update on some of what the Lords Information Committee have heard during the People and Parliament Inquiry.

Lord John Taylor of Warwick, a member of the House of Lords, gives an insight into the workings of the magnificent Palace of Westminster.