Human Traffick is Graphic

My Lords, Human Traffick is Graphic. It is a form of modern day slavery. There are more slaves today than at the height of the transatlantic slave trade. What further action will the Government take to ensure that companies for example in the textile and fashion industry eradicate slavery from their supply chains?    

Lord Taylor of Warwick, International Woman's Day

The BAME Drain

My Lords, research by the Runnymede Trust and others show that pupils from BAME Communities are still less likely to be accepted by the Russell Group Universities even when as equally qualified at A-Level than their white counterparts. What is the Government doing to address this issue?    

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The Commonwealth Summit in London 2018

It was Henry Ford who said: “Don’t just find fault, find a remedy”. We have all attended conferences and summits which have been ‘more talk than walk and more activity than action’. That is why it is vital that there be real outcomes from the next Commonwealth summit, encompassing the findings of the people’s forum and the parliamentary forum. It …

Lord Taylor of Warwick, Supreme Court

Lord Taylor wants to increase diversity in the FTSE 100

In reality, There is Only One Race, the Human Race. What steps are the Government taking to address the fact that for the first time in 6 years, there are currently no black chairmen or chairwomen, chief executives or finance directors in the FTSE 100 from the black community?

International Woman's Day, Lord Taylor of Warwick

Lord Taylor pushes for a new model for Football TV Revenue

I declare my interest as a founding member of the original independent football commission. In America, the NFL (the National Football League) shares its television revenue with all teams equally, regardless of statues or performance. Is this a model which should be at least looked at in English football. Secondly, if the premier league, does not reach agreement with the …


Adult Learning is Life Affirming

Adult Learning is Life Affirming, but the unemployment rate amongst those from BAME backgrounds is of 8.5%, almost twice that of their white counterparts. What more is the Government planning to do to help remove barriers to adult education and employment for those from BAME backgrounds?  

Abortion (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2021

Lord Taylor of Warwick’s speech in the House of Lords on 28th April 2021. My Lords, a womb is not a tomb. In 1996 I presented the Bill which created the UK’s first DNA database. From the moment of conception, life begins, with unique DNA which no other human soul in the world has. Abortion, in the dictionary, means abandonment, …