Lord & Lady Taylor

Lord John Taylor & Lady Laura Taylor

This is the real life romance between the first American in 110 years since Nancy Astor {who became the UK’s first female MP} to wed a serving member of The House of Lords. All of the elements came together in a spectacular way, in the Spring of 2015 when Lady and Lord Taylor wed off the shores of Rome.

Laura and John met in Atlanta, Georgia. Ironically this is the city where Ray Charles was fined in 1962 for refusing to sing to a segregated black/white audience. The couple came from completely opposite backgrounds. John is black Afro-Caribbean, Laura is blonde, Swedish American. John was raised in inner city Birmingham, Laura’s early life was in rural Texas and Puget Sound beach Seattle, with Mount Rainier as her childhood backyard. Laura’s ancestors are the famous John and Pricilla Alden of the Mayflower 1620, which set sail off the coast of England to discover the new world {America}. John’s ancestors date back to the slaves on the Taylor Plantation, Jamaica and Dubliners in Ireland; His parents came to England in the 1950s. John’s father played cricket for the Warwickshire Bears. His book “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’’ recaps his humble beginnings.

Baron Taylor of Warwick would take his bride from the big sky American Heartland farmstead on a dirt road, where she raised her 5 children, to the epic political centre of London, in the grand city of Westminster. 8 years after their first encounter in Atlanta, it was Laura’s oldest daughter’s Colleen and Bridgette, who brought the two together. Here take a glimpse into the lives of one of the UK House of Lord’s most unique couples, Lord John and Lady Laura Taylor of Warwick.

Off the shores of Rome Lord John and Lady Laura Taylor of Warwick aboard Princess Cruises.

1961 Magazine sat down with Lord Taylor for an honest conversation about politics and Lord Taylor’s journey to becoming an influential member of the House of Lords.

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Palace of Westminster May 18, 2016 the State Opening of Parliament.

Attending leading international communications company Bell Pottinger’s Reception.

Supporting Small Business alongside experts in business at House of Lords event.

Africa is Open for Business! Attending the African Trade Conference.

Lord and Lady Taylor of Warwick supporting the Warwick University event with 4 of their daughters.

Lord and Lady Taylor supporting the diversity in business launch at Parliament.

Lord and Lady Taylor celebrate as newlyweds.

Engaged after 9 years of family friendship.

Lord and Lady Taylor at Parliament with their daughter Colleen, a student at London School of Fashion.

At UK Government Department For Business Innovation & Skills Headquarters with the UK Trade Minister, to discuss UK and American Trade.

At the London Chinese Business Leaders Awards

Attending an event promoting diversity in sport.

At a London Fashion Week reception.

Met Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at House of Commons.

With the Republic of Ireland’s Ambassador Daniel Muhall