Lord John Taylor of Warwick

Getting to Know Lord John Taylor of Warwick

Lord-Taylor-Blog-Image (1)Lord John Taylor of Warwick’s passion lies in creating positive change and peacemaking. The son of Jamaican immigrants, Lord John Taylor struggled against racism as a child growing up in Birmingham. After a visit to Westminster Abbey at a young age, however, Lord Taylor knew that he was meant to one day impact the lives of the people of Britain and spread a message of Equality and Diversity, despite his humble beginnings.

Lord John Taylor holds several Doctorates, was a Barrister for many years, and held a position as a Judge. He was selected as the first black Government Special Advisor in Britain, advising the Home Secretary and Ministers of State. Some years later in 1996 he was appointed to the House of Lords. Lord Taylor was the youngest and the only black Lord at that time, forever challenging negative misconceptions and commentaries regarding racial stereotypes.

Since accepting the appointment, Lord John Taylor has worked to educate others about the British parliamentary system and its effects nationally and internationally. In addition to reviewing the bills put forth by the House of Commons, Lord Taylor frequently speaks on and addresses current political and economic issues. He has hosted several television programmes and was recently featured on Fox News, commenting on the effects that Brexit would have, not only on Britain but on the world. Lord John Taylor actively engages in discussions with government leaders and high-ranking officials from key sectors, answering questions concerning the current systems and their effects on the country. You can view images and updates regarding his parliamentary visits on this website, and his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

When not in Parliament, Lord John Taylor devotes time and attention to numerous charities, including Cybersmile, an organization which helps children who have experienced cyberbullying, find counseling and support. You may also know him as The Soul Baron, as he shares his love for music on recent radio shows, and before that on his own live programme entitled, The John Taylor Show on BBC Radio 2. Lord Taylor held the role of Vice President of the National Small Business Bureau, and currently sits on the Board of The International Small Business Congress, advocating for business owners and entrepreneurs. For 10 years he acted as the Vice President of The British Board of Film Classification and continues to be involved in the media and film industry.

Lord John Taylor’s work has played a significant role in helping people understand and become involved in the British Parliament and the functions of government. He has mentored future global leaders from over 50 nations through the Warwick Leadership Academy, which he founded.

Lord John Taylor has a special tie to America. His wife, Lady Laura Taylor, is from Texas. He was appointed the title of Kentucky Colonel and has lectured throughout the United States. An American holiday was created in his honour in Las Vegas, which is where his latest book is due to be launched.

To ensure that you are aware of current updates, debates, and discussions, Lord Taylor will share all news and commentary here first, providing a first-hand glimpse into the House of Lords, as well as, current news stories that you need to be aware of.

Lord John Taylor is an advocate for change, “striving to not only be the best in the world but the best for the world.” Get to know more about a man who works daily to help fellow global citizens understand the political system, and to strive for personal greatness and success.