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Winning The Race

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Is UKIP Half-Baked?

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Winning The Race - Book & Book Tour

Many hoped the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s would produce multi-racial, multi-cultural harmony. But 50 years later we still see black underachievement and racial tension. Even the election of America’s first black President did not bring healing to these historic hurts. In America, as in Europe, the gap between rich and poor grows. Brexit and the election of President Trump are momentous events in an increasingly uncertain world.

Winning The Race demonstrates how to rise above uncertainty and challenges, to achieve your goals. In the book you will read how famous public figures he has interviewed from the United Kingdom and America have achieved success.

No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs: The Inspiring Story of Lord Taylor of Warwick

From humble beginnings, the son of Jamaican immigrants, John Taylor was brought up in the industrial heartland of Birmingham, England.

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John Taylor: Lord Taylor of Warwick - Black Profiles -

"Full marks to tamarind for their excellent Black Profiles series. Children need positive role models and this, precisely, is what the series will provide." - Scholastic Best Books

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Lord Taylor talks about the big issues including Brexit, US President Trump UK/US relations, Race and more…

The Soul Baron

Radio Christmas Special Show, The Soul Baron


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MMy favourite musicians include Nat King Cole, Burt Bacarach and Stevie Wonder. I enjoy singing and dancing with my wife. My favourite films include It’s A Wonderful Life and Spartacus and my favourite actors are Sidney Poitier and Anthony Hopkins. My most admired statesmen are Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. My favourite sportsman is Pele.
Lord John Taylor of Warwick

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Lord Taylor on the Radio

Lord Taylor presented on the Radio my favourite Summer Special Hits with Gordon Mac!

Lord Taylor discusses what it means to be apart of the Commonwealth and what issues the UK needs to focus on to strengthen its ties with the Commonwealth Nations.

My hero Martin Luther King had a Dream. I have a Plan!

This is an extract of a speech I made in 2008 on what it means to be British. Although it was some time ago, the message still remains important 13 years on!

I presented on the Radio, some of my favourite soul classics for listeners across the world!

Today I discuss why there needs to be a partnership between government and Faith groups in tackling issues such as terrorism, migration, human rights, poverty, and equality.

Today, I discuss what it means to British. The issues raised in this speech are still relevant today. Martin Luther King made a similar speech about having a dream. But to have a dream, you must first have a plan!