Lord Taylor of Warwick, Britain, Conservative Lord, Baron Taylor,

Taylor Talks ‘A sample of Lord Taylor Speaking Around The World’

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Lord Taylor of Warwick, Britain, Conservative Lord, Baron Taylor,Lord Taylor of Warwick video compilation speaking around the world. When the Queen appointed him as a Lord he became the only Black Baron in the world in 1996… amongst Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Viscounts, Bishops and Law Lords. Lord Taylor was the First Black Conservative Parliamentary candidate in British history, and also became the First black Conservative Lord since the 14th Century, when Parliament began. He was the First Black Government Special Advisor in Britain, advising the Home Secretary and Ministers of State.

Lord Taylor is an International Speaker who not only informs, but inspires, having been the First Black Lord to have spoken at The White HouseUnited Nations, and the Kremlin. His message is to “strive to be not only the best in the world, but the best for the world”.

He was also the First Black British University Chancellor. These achievements in themselves offer strong argument for diversity, when sadly even today only 1% of top Board positions in Britain are held by Black and Ethnic minorities.

During his 10 year tenure at the BBFC, no movie got a film rating in Britain without going through Lord Taylor.

He has continued to be involved in the widest range of public life yet maintains to dedicate himself for over two decades to promote the cause of Peacemaking, and humanitarian efforts around the world. Lord John Taylor of Warwick is the First Black Baron to open a hospital in his ancestral nation, that of Jamaica.

Currently he is writing a book on Brexit, including topics on Immigration and Diversity. Recently he was featured on US Fox TV News, speaking about Brexit and US/UK trade relations.

A senior member of the House of LordsPalace of Westminster; he represents the diversity of the British Government at the highest level.

Video highlights: National Stadium, Lagos, Nigeria; Asbury University, Kentucky. Lord Taylor brings an international flavour to the USA, as the first British Lord to be appointed as a Kentucky Colonel, and being granted the Freedom of Lexington; Christian Convention, Nevada. Las Vegas honored Lord Taylor with The Key to Las Vegas and proclaimed a “Lord Taylor of Warwick Day”; House of Lords, Palace of Westminster; and representing the British Government at an Industry event, London. A senior member of the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster; he represents the diversity of the British Government.