Lord John Taylor of Warwick, television, radio, media, BBC, BBC 2

Lord Taylor of Warwick Television Personality

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Lord John Taylor of Warwick, television, radio, media, BBC, BBC 2Being a Judge, one would never have guessed that this English Lord, who serves in the highest levels of government, would also be an experienced television and radio host for over two decades, presenting many shows, mainly for the BBC. He also presented a myriad of screen and actors’ awards in Hollywood. During his 10 year tenure at the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) no movie got a film rating in Britain without going through Lord Taylor of Warwick.

Lord Taylor of Warwick, formerly John Taylor, was the only black host in Britain when he hosted The John Taylor Show on BBC Radio 2, Britain and Europe’s most popular radio station. He went on to host many shows some of which included BBC’s The John Taylor Show, Powerhouse, Crime Stalker and Talk About.

More recently Lord Taylor has been an actor himself, when he played the lead role in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The venue was the legendary London’s Rose Playhouse Theatre, where the Bard originally staged his plays in the 16th century.

As a broadcaster John’s expertise spans many different genres, from news to music. In his time away from the worlds of politics and business, Lord Taylor is also known as The Soul Baron, hosting a music show for radio.

He has continued to be involved in the widest range of public life yet maintains to dedicate himself for over two decades to promote the cause of Peacemaking, and humanitarian efforts around the world. Lord John Taylor of Warwick is the First Black Baron to open a hospital in his ancestral nation, that of Jamaica.

Currently he is writing a book on Brexit, including topics on Immigration and Diversity. Recently he was featured on US Fox TV News, speaking about Brexit and US/UK trade relations.

A senior member of the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster; he represents the diversity of the British Government at the highest level.