Lord Taylor of Warwick

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

My Lords, on this very day, 31 January, in 1606, Guy Fawkes was executed following the failed Gunpowder Plot—but it is vital that this Bill does not also expire. The European Union Bill must be passed into law to allow Her Majesty’s Government to implement the will of the people in the referendum result and to respect the judgment of the …

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Lord Taylor of Warwick Television Personality

Learn more about Lord John Taylor of Warwick’s work, here. Being a Judge, one would never have guessed that this English Lord, who serves in the highest levels of government, would also be an experienced television and radio host for over two decades, presenting many shows, mainly for the BBC. He also presented a myriad of screen and actors’ awards in …

Lord Taylor of Warwick, First Black Baron, Finds Inspiration from God and God-Orchestrated Marriage.

When the Queen appointed him as a Lord in 1996, John Taylor became the only Black Baron in the world… amongst Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Viscounts, Bishops and Law Lords. He was one of the youngest members to ever sit in the House of Lords, and also became the first black Conservative Lord since the 14th Century, when Parliament began. Lord Taylor again made history with his real-life romance between two people and two nations. It is the true story of the first American in 110 years to marry a serving Baron of Britain’s House of Lords….

Asia’s Pain Raises Questions for All

Church of England Article By Lord Taylor of Warwick Sky News gave me a daunting task last week – to analyse the disasters caused by the earthquake in China and cyclone in Myanmar (formerly Burma) – in five minutes. Daunting since it has already taken me over 30 years to equate natural disasters with a God of love. Since God …