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A letter of gratitude from Archbishop of Canterbury

On December 16, 2016, the Archbishop of Caterbury wrote Lord Taylor of Warwick the following letter of gratitude, thanking him for participating in the House of Lords debate on December 2, 2016.

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Really enjoyed your perspective, optimism, self-deprecating in-your-face anecdotes and accessible humour tonight on GB News

Justin W.

You are a voice that is heard and properly proportioned for those who need to hear it most.

Francis P.

Thank you for such a great interview, witness and testimony! If only your principles and integrity were reflected throughout Westminster! Blessings!

Geoff H.

It was really good to see you interviewed on GB News yesterday – a wonderful Christian witness, too.

Peter K.

Wow, what a great guest and interview, Lord Taylor is brimming with common sense.

PD Rich.

How refreshing to hear such common sense.

Ben J.

What common sense this man speaks, listen in world he knows how to make things better for all

Simon B.

Dear Lord Taylor of Warwick,

Thank You for your passionate speech on the unacceptable high youth unemployment amongst black young people. In London the unemployment rate for black males between the age of 16 to 24 years old is 30%.

Many have applied for an apprenticeship but struggle to get an employer to except their application. I am heartbroken to see so many young people that I know who have done exceptionally well to get good GCSE grades to be on the scrapheap.

Black youth unemployment is hidden under the carpet because they do not have a voice on the political stage.

Once again Lord Taylor, Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
Colin L.

It was such a pleasure to have you on my show recently. Your comments gave our audience some valuable insights. Thank you for joining us. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Maria B.

You are the best!!


@LordJohnTaylor’s reaction to the #TheresaMay & @realDonaldTrump presser at 2pm today on @FoxNews w/ @SandraSmithFox

Brian D.
Producer: FOX NEWS

Dear Lord Taylor,
Can’t thank you enough. We loved having you and would certainly love to have you again soon.

Elise N.

Nailed it!! Clear & Concise. Treasured how you kept it positive. Great response to questions. Excellent!

Peter O.

Thanks John for making the issues so clear. Excellent!!

Geoffrey H.
Páfos, Cyprus

Praise the Lord.

Tata V.
Rajahmundry, India

I viewed your recent interview on Fox News. Just wanted to thank you for saying things that so sorely need to be said, every single day. I.E. – “Keep positive. The media is looking for problems. Please, stay positive.”I’ve been a journalist, author and filmmaker my entire working career and I know the inner-workings of the media. Thanks again for your calm demeanor and opinion on being decent human beings.

Anthony H.
Michigan USA

Well said Mr Taylor hit the nail on the head.


This is so refreshing.

V W.

Well said. You nailed it.

Kurt E.
London, UK

Love this chap! Refreshing!

Barney R.

I watched this live on Fox News. You were spot-on and I see you appearing again soon.

Kara L.

Dear John, I see your Interview this evening it got attention in my office.

Alexander T.
Madrid, Spain

@LordJohnTaylor Nice job on Fox news! Your push for a positive perspective was refreshing in light of massive leftist negativity in the US.

Bud Corbett

I may not always agree with your politics, but that was a WONDERFUL interview with Trish Regan on Fox Business.

Tanya P.

@LordJohnTaylor We need more positive & intelligent people like you in politics. So refreshing to listen to you on @FoxNews

New York USA

Dear Lord Taylor,
I just watched you on Fox News today (Jan 27, 2017) and really admired your bright and positive outlook for us and our world. You clearly share a love for peace, harmony, and joy. It’s so refreshing when leaders count on creating positive outcomes. 
I just wanted to show my appreciation for your bright light in helping us all. Thank you!

Ed S.

Great interview! 

Sherry H.
San Deigo, California, USA

What a Historic Day. Good Job Lord John Taylor. God bless you always. Amen

Annie P.
London, UK

@LordJohnTaylor Loved your positive words on @foxnews moments ago. The media is looking for problems you’re right!

Cindy T.
Alabama USA

It really was a wonderful interview lord Taylor!

Vincenzo C.
Connecticut, USA

Dear Lord Taylor of Warwick, I was so delighted to watch your contributing appearance on Fox News.Great Britain is our GREATEST ally.

Charles P.

Go Lord John!

Simon W.

Lord John Taylor!

Ginny M.
Lexington, Kentucky USA

Excellent interview Lord John Taylor

LeeAnn C.
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Well done Lord John Taylor!

Christopher W.
Fareham, UK

Excellent Interview. I concur with you Lord John Taylor.

Robin Stephen A.

@LordJohnTaylor It was such a pleasure to see and hear you today on Fox News.

Maiali A.

This is just to express a personal thank you for your encouragement and contribution.

Clifford D.

God Bless John!!

Chris V.
London, UK

Thank you!

Karen Pewton H.
Pheonix, Arizona USA

I was very impressed with your recent appearance on FNC.

Molly Lyons P.

May I extend my thanks to Lord Taylor for taking on the role of talent show judge with great panache and judgement. His opening speech was inspiring and I know the young people involved got a lot from Lord Taylor who was taking the time to help them.

Stephen E.

Well done and thank you.

Alan G.

Sir, I can tell you that many blacks in the United States have no clue about you, must less about blacks in England period.  I’m very happy to know that you attained your position in the House of Lords.

Robert O.
San Diego, CA USA

Hearing you speak inspired me to think about what part I can play in society today, I would like the opportunity to help ‘rebuild Britain’. How do I get into parliament?? I think that Christian values – ‘proper’ values – are being neglected, family is becoming a thing of the past and it’s about time we stopped the rot.


Your interview was so inspiring. I am a black, Christian and a councillor in ***, Poland. I serve as a lecturer and a research fellow at the University.

John G.

Thank you Lord Taylor for speaking up for our POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Clyde B.

@LordJohnTaylor “let’s remain positive” yes we must be and look forward to the innovative thinking of our two “new” leaders @FoxNews

Jeff C.

Nice interview on Fox.


Keep listening to the Spirit – as you are doing – especially as Head of the Film Censorship Board. Your critics will be many, but your Lord will never let you down. God Bless you abundantly.

Robert C.

Thank you!

Tonya G. B.
Atlanta, Georgia USA

@LordJohnTaylor great job on @FoxNews today – you gained a follower here!

Chris B.

Were you the man on FOX NEWS today???? If so, I want to tell you that you were remarkable and I hope to see you on FOX news many more times. I thought you were fantastic.

Pennsylvania USA

I am living in a town called Katerini, near Thessaloniki and Berea. With much interest I was moved by the way God is using you to bring glory to His Holy Name. With warm appreciation in the Lord.

George K.

So very nice to meet you, Lord Taylor! I enjoyed your video very much. I look forward to opportunities to share with you my work with inmates here in the U.S. Gideon’s Army Jail & Prison Ministries shares your values. I’m glad to know you are following me, and I am happy to reciprocate!

Dear Sir, Thank God for your contributions toward individuals, community and the body of Christ, am encouraged to serve God more by your humility and services. May the Lord continue to bless you and your team.

Pastor Christopher A.

A star shines brightest on a dark night, and you will shine for the world as the times darken ahead.

Ms Lisa H.S.

I read your article. I was awed to see that God has lifted you up like Joseph. It’s great to see that a miracle like yours happens even today. I hope you continue to do mighty things and train other Josephs for the coming generation.

Abeesh T.

I am proud of you!

Richard B.

Praise the Lord! God bless you more and may your dreams always come true.

Prudencio M. D.

What an inspiration you are. I am so glad you never let your race stop you from doing what God had already planned out for you before the foundation of the world. I wondered if you know Bill Winston who has a ministry in the US. He also is a black man. He has a ministry out of Chicago, Illinois. He also trains leaders, has a business school and recently opened a bank. We pray blessings on your life and work for the Lord.

Janie B.

I was interested and pleased to read your article ‘God’s goal’ in the Church of England Newspaper. I have taken the liberty of using a couple of quotes from your article in an article of my own for our village newsletter in Oxfordshire.

Reverend Roger A.

Whilst reading an article on President Barack Obama’s first official trip to Europe, I learnt there was a black member of the House of Lords! We need greater information about House of Lords available in the US.

Rita D.

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