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Praying for Those in Authority

Lady Laura and I were privileged to attend the recent 65th President’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. Prayer was the centre of our itinerary.

We were reminded that interceding in prayer for those in authority is not an option.

The biblical command is overlooked in the Church today. That command is to first pray for those in authority. Scripture tells us those of us in Government should be made the special subject of prayer. “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Timothy 2:1-2, KJV).

Serving as a Lord in Parliament I am well aware of the power filled prayers each time I enter my office at the House of Lords or the Chamber at the Palace of Westminster. It is pleasing to God and especially refreshing to those of us who serve in authority when we experience prayer in Biblical order.

Intercessors aren’t often aware of how far reaching prayers for those in authority can be. Lady Laura and I know the value of prayer and we pray together daily as a couple.

While all people should be the subjects of prayer, Scripture is plain instructing the church to particularly remember to pray first for us who are in authority. The reason is, that so much depends on our character and plans and decisions which in turn make the laws of the nations of the world community; the security of life, liberty, and property and much more.

The salvation of a President or a Baron is of itself of no more importance than that of any citizen; but the welfare of hundreds of thousands may depend on those in authority.

Prayer is again coming to the forefront as the Presidents Prayer Breakfast was filled to capacity with several overflow rooms.

President Donald Trump spoke about his faith and being raised in a churched home. The POTUS stated that, “Freedom is a gift from God, not Government”.

We were also guests of Congress on Capitol Hill, and enjoyed an invitation to a Dinner addressed by the Vice President, Michael Pence. Vice President Pence shared his personal journey following Jesus Christ, and the importance and power of prayer.

We met with many political leaders who like Lady Taylor and I have been placed at the top of the Worlds Governmental Mountain, for such a time as this. Within the Washington DC photo collage above is us from left with Ret. Col. Oliver North. President Reagan described him as “an American hero”. It was a privilege to share a special lunch at The Historic Mayflower Hotel with a fellow brother in Christ.

Lady Taylor and I were inspired by the many born again Christians we met amongst the higher ranks in American politics.There is a positive vibe and shift on Capitol Hill to humbly seek God’s wisdom in serving the nation.

Time allowed on our last afternoon to visit the Abraham Lincoln memorial, who saw his Christian Faith as a “Lamp of Liberty”.

Our last evening we were gifted a beautiful sunset. Lady Laura and I stood on the steps of the iconic Lincoln memorial. Looking directly out we could see the Washington Monument reflected in the still waters. Behind the monument in the distance is seen the United States National Capitol. It is an inspiring walk, as we viewed each monument alongside the historic Potomac River. From the White House to the Supreme Court, Washington DC is full of faith inspired history.

I also had the privilege to be interviewed by Fox News and other American media.

As the only serving UK Baron representing Parliament at the NPB, it was an honor and privilege to be a bonding cord, strengthening further the American and British Special Relationship. Lady Laura being an American and myself British, we were very well received. May the new President set a Precedent for Peace in our world.