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Lord Taylor of Warwick

Lord John Taylor of Warwick, a member of the House of Lords, initially practised as a barrister and a judge.

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Start the day with a drink of warm, previously boiled water; repeat throughout the day with warm water, where possible;

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G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Conference

Hosting the G20 Young Entrepreneur conference in the House of Commons

Helen Bamber Charity Foundation.

With a friend at a social event

Commonwealth Games

Supporting Christine Ohuruogu MBE on yet another gold medal

Taylor's Working Life

Presenting “The John Taylor Show” back in the day on BBC Radio 2

GLJ_3896Lord John Taylor of Warwick, a member of the House of Lords, initially practised as a barrister and a judge. He has also been a company director, TV & Radio presenter. In 1996, he became at that time the only black Lord. He continues to play a role in public life, helping the marginalised and promoting diversity as an Independent Peer. He is passionate about diversity and has been speaking and writing on the subject for many years. Lord Taylor continues to inspire and mentor future world leaders, by sharing aspects of his life and experience.


In addition to his Parliamentary responsibilities, Lord Taylor has also devoted much of his time to engaging with various minority communities and organizations. His work with Cybersmile — the only charity in the UK that is solely dedicated to addressing the issue of cyberbullying — and his avid participation in the growth and further integration of the minority communities in the UK, are just a few of the examples of Lord Taylor’s philanthropic work aside from his legislative duties.



Lord Taylor is also an established writer for Endeavour Magazine, a fast growing business magazine with over 1 million readers worldwide. Having written almost a dozen articles for the prestigious magazine, Lord Taylor continues to provide his unique insight on current events, as well as political happenings across the globe.


The International Trade Council, a global organisation which serves to share best practices to achieve improvements in every aspect of social and economical responsibility, domestic, and international trade, was recently honoured to have Lord Taylor appointed as a member of the Council.



The ITC provides an essential conduit for advocacy and debate between industry and policy makers, and Lord Taylor was appointed for his wide experience in a multitude of distinct industries.



However, Lord Taylor also enjoys dedicating a portion of his time to pursuing culture and the arts. Earlier this year he was involved in a performance of Hamlet at The Rose Playhouse, with all the proceeds of the production going to restore the historic Elizabethan theatre, where some of William Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed.

Selected CDs and Publications

No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs
From humble beginnings, the son of Jamaican immigrants, John Taylor was brought up in the industrial heartland of Birmingham, England.
John Taylor - Lord Taylor of Warwick
"Full marks to tamarind for their excellent Black Profiles series. Children need positive role models and this, precisely, is what the series will provide." - Scholastic Best Books