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Brexit: Deal or No Deal (European Union Committee Report)

April 2017 we considered Brexit and the EU budget where I said: “Deal or No Deal”. That is the situation we are now in. The phrase “Deal or No Deal” had never been mentioned in public debate or media until that point. On 16 January 2018 a debate was then titled “Brexit: Deal or No Deal” the following is that speech. On 6 …

Lord Taylor of Warwick, First Black Baron, Finds Inspiration from God and God-Orchestrated Marriage.

When the Queen appointed him as a Lord in 1996, John Taylor became the only Black Baron in the world… amongst Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Viscounts, Bishops and Law Lords. He was one of the youngest members to ever sit in the House of Lords, and also became the first black Conservative Lord since the 14th Century, when Parliament began. Lord Taylor again made history with his real-life romance between two people and two nations. It is the true story of the first American in 110 years to marry a serving Baron of Britain’s House of Lords….

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Can You Bank On It?

Church of England Article By Lord Taylor of Warwick Recently I appeared on BBC television, to talk about the banking crisis. Before this year, some of us may have been forgiven for thinking ‘the crunch’ was a type of chocolate bar. Now we are sadly all too familiar with the phrase ‘credit crunch‘. Wall Street and the City of London were …

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Luke Whose Talking

Church of England Article By Lord Taylor of Warwick We cannot shake hands with a clenched list. Racial and multicultural harmony can only be achieved through the open palms of friendship, between our communities. Last week Michael Nazir-Ali, the Church of England‘s first Asian bishop, commented that Muslim extremists are hindering such harmony in Britain. He has been criticised for …

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The Terror Tax

21 November 1974 is a date etched in my memory. I was a university student, enjoying a drink with a couple of friends in Birmingham’s Mulberry Bush Pub. By the time I got home I saw the news on the TV. Less than an hour after we had left the pub, it had been blown up by an IRA bomb. The nearby …

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Face Value

Addams Family Values was a Hollywood hit film of the 1990s. No one could dispute this featured a tight knit family with firm values. The problem was that gory Gothic horror was what defined their values. So when the Government recently announced that all schools will be required to promote “British Values”, many were left asking “What does that mean? …